Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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The team left Rochester Thursday afternoon, carpooling in teammates' cars for a two day drive down to Gainesville, Georgia. Everyone arrived safely and without incident late Friday afternoon at Lake Lanier rowing club, ready to finally get out of the car and onto the water for a pre-race practice.

Racing began on Saturday 5/24 with preliminary heats to determine which crews would go on to finals. UR entered boats in the men's freshman/novice four, varsity four, pair (2-) and double (2x). The pair and double both made it directly to Sunday's grand finals and the freshman four went on to semifinals, also on Sunday. The varsity four went to reps later on Saturday and secured a spot in petite finals. Racing conditions were beautiful and sunny the entire weekend, with a slight headwind on Lake Lanier.

The Freshman four was first to go in Sunday morning's semifinals, crossing the line in fourth and placing into the grand finals. Next the double, with Henry Druschel in bow and Mark Stoessel in stern, raced in grand finals, crossing the line in seventh overall with a time of 7:27.6. The pair, with Bill Li in stern and Joe Prosack in bow, won bronze medals with a time of 7:16.0. The freshman four then returned to the race course for grand finals, finishing eighth with a time of 6:49.5. The lineup was: 4) Ethan Dimmock 3) Mat Johnson 2) Gavin Piester 1) Alex Crawford and Cox, Addison Ault. The varsity four raced in petite finals not too long after, crossing the line in seventh with a time of 7:02.8. The lineup was: 4) Keith McCutchan 3) Jeremy Warner 2) Zach Dean 1) Jon Curtis and Cox, Brett Chenoweth. These final few races concluded our 2014 Spring season. Coach John Bernfield was overall satisfied with the season's results, and is excited to continue working with the team to take on top tier club schools, especially after rowing against schools such as the University's of Michigan and Virginia in grand finals in multiple events.

Full results can be found here:

Spring season is over, but summer training has already begun. Next year we hope to continue to grow as a team both within the University and on the water, with the ultimate goal of medaling at the NY State championship regatta. Here's to a great season, a summer of hard work, and rowing ever better.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Preliminary heats began Saturday afternoon to determine boat placement for Sunday's finals. The 1V8+ had a hard fought race for second against RIT and West Point, being narrowly beat out by less than a second. Results of the heat were 1. Hobart 2. West Point 3. RIT 4. Rochester 5. Buffalo. The 2V8+ had a close prelims race as well, with the exact same end results as the 1V race. Both boats advanced to Sunday's Petite Final.

The 1V8+ kicked off the racing on Sunday in the Petite Final against RPI, Buffalo, Union, and St. Lawrence. Falling behind by several seats at the start, 1V held on to the other boats through the first 500m and began gaining through the second 500. Rough water and a harsh crosswind throughout the middle 1000m made things difficult, but the 1V continued taking seats and gained open water on the other crews despite the conditions. 1V cruised into the last 500m of the race with a decisive lead, but as they entered the final sprint RPI began moving back up, leading the other boats. 1V still held them off and took first place in the Men's Collegiate Varsity 8+ Petite Final with a time of 6:41.88, a good two and a half seconds ahead of the next fastest boat.

The 1V8+ lineup was: Cox, Brett Chenoweth 8) Keith McCutchan 7) Joe Prosack 6) Gavin Piester 5) Bill Li 4) Ethan Dimmock 3) Mat Johnson 2) Henry Druschel 1) Alex Crawford.

Later that morning, UR's second varsity eight faced up against Skidmore, Union College, and RPI in the Petite Finals at the NYS Championship Regatta. The wind had picked up even more, and the middle 1000m of the course was marked by white caps. The 2V8+ took second through the middle 1000m despite the chop, gaining on Skidmore into the final 500m of the race. Skidmore managed to hold off 2V and take first, but Rochester still took second place in the Men's Collegiate JV8+ with a time of 7:10.86, handily beating out the third and fourth place crews by 18 and 30 seconds consecutively.

The 2V8+ lineup was: Cox, Addison Ault 8) Zach Dean 7) Jeremy Warner 6) Mark Stoessel 5) Dave Mullin 4) Rob Dowd 3) Matt Ma 2) Justin Fraumeni 1) Jon Curtis

Full race results can be found here:

Next weekend Rochester Men's Crew will see many of these same schools again at the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, May 9-10.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UR Men vs Ithaca, RIT 4/5/14


The University of Rochester men’s varsity rowing team traveled to Ithaca, NY to compete against strong crews from Ithaca College and Rochester Institute of Technology.

The competition opened with the 1V race.  Ithaca quickly proved their superiority by moving out by a length on both crews at the start.  The yellow jacket crew maintained contact with RIT until the last 500 meters of the race.  When the crews hit the rough water created by a headwind, the RIT eight pulled away.  The final result was: Ithaca out 15 seconds on the RIT crew who was 8 seconds ahead of the UR eight.

Men’s Coach, John Bernfield, summed up the race: “The Ithaca crew is an exceptional crew who get a lot of acceleration through the water, in a frantic effort to catch the Ithaca crew we settled at a base rate that was higher than we are capable of at this point. At a 34 and a half we were short through the water” Bernfield further stated that “with 3 freshmen and a sophomore who is in his first year of spring rowing in the boat, we are a very inexperienced 1V but we have a lot of upside potential as we get more rowing on the water”. The 1V lineup was: Cox, Brett Chenoweth, 8) Jared Freedman, 7) Matt Johnson, 6) Gavin Piester, 5) Bill Li, 4) Ethan Dimmoch, 3) Dave Mullin, 2) Henry Druschel and bow) Joe Prosack.

The 2V race was much the same with a superior Ithaca 8 out on the second place RIT squad by 12 seconds and the yellow jacket crew 8 seconds behind RIT. Coach Bernfield felt that the 2V rowed well.  He added that “with 4 sophomores and one true novice freshman in the boat we are an inexperienced crew even for a 2V”. The 2 V lineups were: Cox: Addison Ault, 8) Zach Dean, 7) Jeremy Warner 6) Mark Stoessel, 5) Keith McCuthchen, 4) Rob Dowd, 3) Alex Crawford, 2) Matt Ma, and bow Jon Curtis.

The novice 4 race was a solid race for the UR novices they led through the first 1500 meters of the race only to be undone by the rough water in the last 500 meters of the race.  They ended up second to the Ithaca novices by 5 seconds. The novice 4’s line up was: Amy Elias, cox, 4) Justin Fraumeni, 3) Austin Baily, 2) Zach Kaye and bow) Aaron Lim.

Coach Bernfield summed up the days rowing by stating “We clearly have a lot of work to do to catch up with the Ithaca and RIT squads.  We will continue to compete intersquad for seats. Based upon weight adjusted erg scores it is clear that   we have a number of rowers in the 2V who are capable of competing for seats in the first boat. We will sort that out as the spring progresses. That competition and more strokes on the water will help us get faster.

Monday, April 7, 2014

UPDATE: UR Men vs St Lawrence 3/29/14


The men’s crews opened their season with hard fought races against St Lawrence on the city course on the Genesee River.

After a productive spring break a camp Bob Cooper located on Lake Marian in South Carolina, the crews returned to winter conditions in Rochester. Another week of training on the ergometers and in the weight room was a necessary evil to get us to our first competition.  Thankfully, the conditions improved on Friday allowing us to get one row on the water. Our first and only row on the Genesee before the Saturday race against St Lawrence University.

The first race, the novice 4 with UR’s true novices racing a St Lawrence Crew with 2 experienced freshmen in the boat.  The UR’s four put in a game effort but they were beaten by the more experienced St Lawrence Crew. The UR novice crew consisted of:  Stroke: Justin Fraumeni, 3) Austin Baily, 2) Zach Kaye and Aaron Lim at bow.

The Varsity race was a combined 1V and 2V with UR and St Lawrence having a 1V and 2V each.  In the 1V race St Lawrence took an early lead and were up by about 4 seats through the 1000 meter mark where the UR challenged by moving back a few seats.  Ultimately the rough conditions proved the undoing of the yellow jackets crew and St Lawrence won by about a half of a length. 

The UR 2V rowed an excellent race and moved away from the St Lawrence crew from the start.  Ultimately finishing some 9 seconds behind the UR 1V and 10 seconds ahead of St Lawrence’s 2V.

UR men’s coach, John Bernfield, was reasonably pleased with the results: He stated that “the crews rowed as well as could be expected considering the rough conditions and the relative lack of water time”. He pointed out that while there is great intersquad competition for the 1V we have 4 freshmen and 5 sophomores competing in the first two boats.  “That lack of experience and long term training will hurt us early on in the season,” he added.

The lineup for the 1V is: Brett Chenoweth, Cox, 8) Jared Freedman, 7) Mat Johnson, 6) Mark Stoessel, 5) Bill Li 4) Ethan Dimmoch, 3) Dave Mullin, 2) Henry Druschel and 1) Keith McCuthchen.
The lineup for the 2V is: Addison Ault, Cox, 8) Zach Dean, 7) Joe Prosack, 6) Gavin Piester, 5) Jeremy Warner, 4) Rob Dowd, 3) Alex Crawford, 2) Matt Ma and Jon Curtis at bow.
Unfortunately, the planned Sunday race with Canisus and Franklin and Marshall was cancelled because of a 6 inch snow fall on Saturday night.  No makeup date has been set at this point.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rochester Wins Lightweight 8+ at Head of the Schuylkill

UR Crew travelled to Philadelphia this week for the Head of the Schuylkill, dodging some bad weather to race with over 600 boats, emerging with a gold in the Lightweight 8+ and medaling in several other events.

The Lightweight 8+ (from bow: Brian Hughes, Matt Ma, Henry Druschel, Rob Dowd, Joe Prosack, Greg McKiernan, Will Horn, Ross Pedersen, Eric Demeo (cos)), racing against the University of Pennsylvania and Duke, finished a full minute ahead of the second-place boat with a 13:14.09. The other 8+ (Jeremy Warner, James Taylor, Daniel Salazar, Jared Freedman, Bill Li, Eli Robbins, Tyler Gomez, Jonathan Rex, Ellen Boland (cox)) racing in the Men’s Open Club category also did well, pulling a 13:23.94, 30 seconds off the winner and good for fifth place.

Two more varsity boats raced, with the Men’s Open 4+ (Ben Feifke, Tyler Gomez, Bill Li, Jonathan Rex, Brett Chenoweth (cox)) getting 8th in a field of 42 boats with a 14:45.31, and the Men’s Open 2- (Joe Prosack, Ross Pedersen) pulling  a 15:26.91 and earning a bronze medal in third place. “There were actually three boats that went down the course faster than us,” noted Prosack, “but one of them cut through 10 buoys. I don’t think this is succeeding on a technicality, though – steering is hard, and it’s a big part of the race, so I’m glad we were rewarded for rowing well and steering well.”

The Men’s Novice squad also travelled to Philadelphia for their first race outside the home course on the Genesee, and put up impressive results. The Novice 4+ (K.C. Gordon, Keith McCutchan, Rigel Goheen, Colin Bowen, Johnson Truong (cox)) crossed the line in 15:30.94, good for 2nd and a silver medal in a field of 18, and the Novice 8+ (Adam Langenbucher, Jonathan Curtis, Aaron Mason, Sean Garrison, David Mullin, Zach Dean, Rigel Goheen, Colin Bowen, Johnson Truong (cox)) pulled a 14:48.78 to get 15th in a field of 29.

This weekend, the team heads down to the Cooper River in Camden, NJ, for their last race of the fall season, a 2000m sprint at the Braxton Regatta, and will try to put up one more good set of results before winter training.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Season Begins for UR Crew at Head of the Potomac

UR Crew attended their first regatta of the 2012 Fall season in Washington D.C. this past weekend, with several boats getting the season off to a strong start on the waters of the Potomac River.

Racing against schools like Georgetown University and the University of Maryland and local clubs like Potomac Boat Club and Capital Rowing Club, Rochester put up good results across five different boat categories. The highest-placing boat was the Open Pair (from bow: Joe Prosack, Ross Pedersen), who won their event with a time of 16:30.2, more than 40 seconds ahead of the University of Maryland boat that took second. Also competing in a small boat was Henry Druschel, placing fourth in the Lightweight Single. He finished in 18:08.4, about 30 seconds off of first place and 30 seconds ahead of fifth.

As the day progressed, the waters got a little choppier, and the racing transitioned to larger boats. The Club Eight (Brian Hughes, Sean Garrison, Barron Rosborough, Colin Bowen, Daniel Salazar, James Taylor, Rigel Goheen, Rob Dowd, Ellen Boland (cox)) performed well, posting a time of 14:50.5, good for fifth of the nine entries, and the Open Eight (Ben Feifke, Eli Robbins, Henry Druschel, Jonathan Rex, Bill Li, Tyler Gomez, Joe Prosack, Greg McKiernan, Eric Demeo (cox)) crossed the line in 14:13.8, beating out one Georgetown boat and falling behind two others and a Potomac Boat Club entry.

The final Rochester boats were entered in the Men's Four, and both put up good results. Though they were both competing in the Open category, they were split into heavyweight and lightweight, with the heavyweight boat (Ben Feifke, Eli Robbins, Bill Li, Tyler Gomez, Eric Demeo (cox)) pulling a 16:17.7 and the lightweights (Jeremy Warner, Matt Ma, Will Horn, Ross Pedersen, Brett Chenoweth (cox)) a 16:02.8, good for 7th and 5th respectively.

This weekend, Rochester competes on their home turf in the Head of the Genesee. Boasting a unique split format, with a head race in the morning followed by a sprint in the afternoon, they hope to continue the progress they've made already this fall and use their superior knowledge of the river to have another successful weekend of racing.