Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UR Men vs Ithaca, RIT 4/5/14


The University of Rochester men’s varsity rowing team traveled to Ithaca, NY to compete against strong crews from Ithaca College and Rochester Institute of Technology.

The competition opened with the 1V race.  Ithaca quickly proved their superiority by moving out by a length on both crews at the start.  The yellow jacket crew maintained contact with RIT until the last 500 meters of the race.  When the crews hit the rough water created by a headwind, the RIT eight pulled away.  The final result was: Ithaca out 15 seconds on the RIT crew who was 8 seconds ahead of the UR eight.

Men’s Coach, John Bernfield, summed up the race: “The Ithaca crew is an exceptional crew who get a lot of acceleration through the water, in a frantic effort to catch the Ithaca crew we settled at a base rate that was higher than we are capable of at this point. At a 34 and a half we were short through the water” Bernfield further stated that “with 3 freshmen and a sophomore who is in his first year of spring rowing in the boat, we are a very inexperienced 1V but we have a lot of upside potential as we get more rowing on the water”. The 1V lineup was: Cox, Brett Chenoweth, 8) Jared Freedman, 7) Matt Johnson, 6) Gavin Piester, 5) Bill Li, 4) Ethan Dimmoch, 3) Dave Mullin, 2) Henry Druschel and bow) Joe Prosack.

The 2V race was much the same with a superior Ithaca 8 out on the second place RIT squad by 12 seconds and the yellow jacket crew 8 seconds behind RIT. Coach Bernfield felt that the 2V rowed well.  He added that “with 4 sophomores and one true novice freshman in the boat we are an inexperienced crew even for a 2V”. The 2 V lineups were: Cox: Addison Ault, 8) Zach Dean, 7) Jeremy Warner 6) Mark Stoessel, 5) Keith McCuthchen, 4) Rob Dowd, 3) Alex Crawford, 2) Matt Ma, and bow Jon Curtis.

The novice 4 race was a solid race for the UR novices they led through the first 1500 meters of the race only to be undone by the rough water in the last 500 meters of the race.  They ended up second to the Ithaca novices by 5 seconds. The novice 4’s line up was: Amy Elias, cox, 4) Justin Fraumeni, 3) Austin Baily, 2) Zach Kaye and bow) Aaron Lim.

Coach Bernfield summed up the days rowing by stating “We clearly have a lot of work to do to catch up with the Ithaca and RIT squads.  We will continue to compete intersquad for seats. Based upon weight adjusted erg scores it is clear that   we have a number of rowers in the 2V who are capable of competing for seats in the first boat. We will sort that out as the spring progresses. That competition and more strokes on the water will help us get faster.

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